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Avail Visa Service in Kolkata at a Stipulated Time from JETCHOICE

JETCHOICE is well-known for its prompt and trustworthy visa services for tourists going abroad, so just calm down and rely on us for your visa. With us, procuring it is no more a complicated and time-consuming process. We being a one stop destination for all your travel needs keep in mind that any delay in getting the visa can have serious consequences for the tour.

Visa like passport is an important document and without it embarking on an international tour is not possible for the travel enthusiasts and flying executives. So JETCHOICE procures it on its customer’s behalf so that they can enjoy a hassle-free vacation or corporate trip. Our global visa services are meant for travel enthusiasts who like going abroad such as Europe, Dubai, Hong Kong, South Asia, China, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc. Right from getting visa application form to guiding you in filling it, following it with verification and processing, we are there for you at every stage to make it a smooth process. With numerous satisfied customers, we have always believed in enhancing their experience and make traveling a joyride.

Why We Are the Best Visa Service Provider?
Prompt, reliable and customized services
Handled by the expert travel professionals
No complications and harassment for the tourists in getting the visa
Global coverage (including Europe, Dubai, Hong Kong, South Asia, China, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa)
Taking care of different stages of getting Visa such as guiding in application form fill-up, verification and processing.
Visa tracking facility
With different countries having different visa norms, fees, requirements we come up with updated information on visa Specifications for each and every country.


Make your Holidays Stress-Free with our Passport Services in Kolkata
Our passport services are catered to the tourists who are fond of international holidays. As passport is an integral document for any international tour and therefore we try to make the vacation as stress-free as possible for our customers by procuring passports for them on their behalf which means they can enjoy their holiday completely with their friends and family members and capture its true essence. Passport procuring is often a time-consuming and complicated process, but with us everything is easy.

We offer passport renewal services in our domestic and international holiday packages. It is handled by our expert professionals at the division, and so with us customers do not have to encounter delays, hassles and harassment in procuring it.

Being a proficient travel operator, we guide our clients regarding the procedures involved in passport application for an overseas tour. Our professional help and outstanding services accelerate the whole process of availing it.

We Offer Passport Services in India for Tours Abroad
When it comes to travel, tourism and hospitality, we are simple the best and you can bet on us blindly. We leave no stone unturned to make a holiday invigorating by offering complete holiday packages to our customers. Our passport services truly conform to our benchmark of excellence. The passport services we provide makes sure that it is procured in time by the globe trotters, travel enthusiasts and flying executives. We procure both new passport, tatkal passport on our clients’ behalf and make their overseas trip stimulating.

We make the whole passport acquiring process easy for our customers. At first, we will assist you in filling the passport forms and help you with the verification checks by giving attention to every minute detail. Then we will give follow-ups on a regular basis to get it on your behalf.


Importance of Travel Insurance in Vacations
Vacations are great diversion and retreat from monotonous work in our lives, but here too you need insurance. Travel insurance provides financial reimbursements in case of unforeseen emergencies and events. It is always a smart move on your behalf to incorporate travel insurance in your next vacation. It can give the necessary financial backing if your flight gets cancelled due to adverse weather conditions or your luggage gets misplaced or stolen.

Different Types of Travel Insurance

Baggage and personal items coverage: if your luggage gets lost or stolen during a trip, travel insurance is extremely handy. Many travelers encounter with this problem when they travel inbound as well as abroad. In the recent years, the incidents of baggage getting lost have increased drastically.

Trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance: A trip can get cancelled or disrupted due to natural catastrophe, sickness or others. In that case travel insurance is just what you need to get complete peace of mind and compensate for the financial losses you have incurred.

Accidental death or dismemberment insurance: A life-impairing accident can turn an awesome holiday into a nightmare, so you need an accidental death or dismemberment insurance to tackle with unforeseen expenses in an unknown city.

Emergency medical insurance: It is especially important when you are out for a holiday trip at the overseas. You can also avail different kinds of travel insurance online from JETCHOICE, a leading travel agent in India.

JETCHOICE: A Leading Travel Insurance Service Provider in Kolkata
We offer both domestic and international travel insurance to travellers all over India. We provide complete holiday packages and travel insurance is one of them. Along with flight booking, hotel reservations, visa and passport procurement, meals, sightseeing trips, travel insurance is one of our premium services. We understand the requirements of our travellers perfectly and provide customized insurance solutions for our exotic holiday packages. We offer travel insurance that is ideal for:

Vacations overseas
Business trips overseas
Long-term work or study overseas
Domestic holiday tours